The Kirkwood Clan

Some families are cursed. The Kirkwood Curse lives in the basement.


The Family:

Maggie 'Ma' Kirkwood: Matriarch and leader. Has Knowledge.
Jefferson 'Pa' Kirkwood: Father. A wanted man. Not willingly a family member, and suffering from the attentions of the family ghost.
Junior Kirkwood: Oldest son, is married to Sister Woman.
'Wicked' Dickie Kirkwood: Younger son. Plays a mean fiddle.
Marahet 'Mahr' Kirkwood: Oldest daughter, nineteen, currently residing in the Unnamed City. Has various abilities.
Morgawse 'Mora' Kirkwood: Youngest daughter, five or so. Has Knowledge.
Sister Woman Kirkwood: Married to Junior Kirkwood, and pregnant with, one hopes, his child. Since she's a Kirkwood woman by marriage, she has no special talents.

Black Cherry: The family's black cat.

Siouxie: The family ghost. She was a slave who sold her body to her masters for better treatment. Eventually, she angered one of the men she slept with, and he drowned her in the brach of the Misissippi that runs behind the house.
Seraphina: Child of a black mother and a white father, a woman who lives in the swamp about three miles from the Kirkwood home.
The Curse: A thing that lives in the basement. It is hungry.